Egyptian Prince
He's behind the Sphynx! Look out!
Little Red Wagon
Pull it yourself.
Needle Stick
Brain Coral in Black
Polyps Galore
The Crusader
Go Green and Gold
Turkish Delights
Quite a Pair
Brass and Sass
This one is real pretty
Plum Pretty
Reminds me of Beechnut baby food
Summer of '75
Fine wood panelling and long hot days playing bare-footed in the ditch
My Fruit Knives
A set of fruit prepping knives for myself
Copper and Molar
Mammoth Molar & Copper accents
Tusk 1
80,000 year old Mammoth tusk
One Hundred
Pretty in Brown
Ooooh Weeee. Pretty.
Moon and Stars
A celestially patterned blade
Emerald Radiance
Embrace the emerald vibes and let your inner magic sparkle.
Voluptuous EDC
Dare I say again - Rubenesque?
Your Purple Highness
A Taste of Royalty
Storms of Jupiter
Swirly Twirly Burl
A Set of 2 Pitiful Little Muks
Two little muks saved from oblivion
Cut'n-headed Ninny Muggins
You smell like BEEF and CHEESE - You don't smell like Santa.
Spiffy Gastropod
Faux Abalone (Haliotis) inlay adds a bit of sparkle
Show stopingly pretty Cape Fear Bowie
A honkin’ chunk of 80,000 year old Siberian Mammoth molar
Black & Blue
A casual and comfortable take on my Cape Fear Bowie design
Nice Choppers
A set of Custom Chef knives.
The Beaver's Cleaver
A Macho and Mighty Mini Cleaver - of course.
Happy Little Cupcake
Mini Cleaver - with a lot of sass!
eBoney M
With a side of mammoth molar!
My Tangerine Dream
Orange you glad this knife exists?
Pretty Pachyderm
Slim like a mammoth tooth toothpick.
Ice & Silver
An almost jewel-like handle design.
A Mammoth Embellishment
I'm getting good at these segmented handles.
No Ragrets
When spinning this knife, I stabbed my belly. Good times.
Blackbeard's Downfall
Seriously, a black knife festooned with Blackbeard.
Doctor's Little Helper
The Red Cross would LOVE this....
Honey Badger
Sweet..... but Spicy.
Well Worn
Looks well-worn and loved.
Medium Rare
Tender on the inside and tasty on the outside.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, wipe out!
1972 Scout II
RALLYE EDITION. Gosh darn gorgeous.
Snake Hunter
Join or Die!
Golden Years
🎶 Gooo-o-old, Whop Whop Whop.
Fancy Dancer
So VERY fancy.
Rich & Good Looking
Who could ask for more?
Does He Have a Brother?
Thick in all the right places....
Bowie-esque 1
That handle is so very grippy.
Supper at Tiffany's
Put your pearls on before you whip this baby out.
Boris the Spider
A simple and utilitarian knife. Goes well with anything.
Bird in the Hand
Stately Ironwood. What more can I say?
Phony Abalone
As phony as can be but pretty like the mollusk from the sea.
Crime Stopper
Wide handle for an effective and lethal grip.
Red Rover
I always fancied this as a steak knife.
Streak O' Lean
In a hunk of good ol' pork fat.
Ruby Slicer
Tactical cutter with a little flair.
Holy Haole Moley
A long skinny handle on a muk inspired beauty.
Thar She Blows
A Whale of a good looking knife.
Blue is the Sharpest Color
These Muks just make me tingle.
Shark in a Tux
Inspired by the 5-gilled shark.
Nanook of North Carolina
First stab at a muk.
Had to do it.
Leonard Skinner
Calico Cutter
The Baby Shark
Stayin' O-live
Raspberry Puree
Black Mini-chopper
Mean as a strip'ed Snake
Kut Von D
Honky Chonky
Blue Velvet (1986)
Red Rocket
Snake Eyes
Purple Pain
Cape Fear Flounder Filet
Jack Knife 2
Fats Domino
The Fonvielle Shiv
Red Almost Steak
3 Odd Birds
Big Handle Bob
3 Big Choppers
Kitchen Chopper and Pearl
Mick Dagger
Early Work
Danny's mini-chopper
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