13.75" (9.25 cutting edge), Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel - Gun Blue finish
Richlite, Sliver-Nickel pins, Red G10 liner, #76

December 2023
Hollow grind. Ample jimping crown the spine of this large knife. Richlite material creates an extremely comfortable handle. It's big and has a hefty and has a very authoritative feel to it. Wielded with great force - I believe this knife will protect its owner very well. But we provide no guarantees. If you are caught plundering booty or worse - you are likely to be given no quarter when punished. 
[One in a series of embellishments for select knife designs.]
Blackbeard (Edward Teach) settled in Bath, North Carolina, also known as Bath Town, where he accepted a royal pardon. However, he was soon back at sea, where he attracted the attention of Alexander Spotswood, the governor of Virginia. Spotswood arranged for a party of soldiers and sailors to capture him. On 22 November 1718, following a ferocious battle, Teach and several of his crew were killed by a small force of sailors led by Lieutenant Robert Maynard. Teach was a shrewd and calculating leader who spurned the use of violence, relying instead on his fearsome image to elicit the response that he desired from those whom he robbed. He was romanticized after his death and became the inspiration for an archetypal pirate in works of fiction across many genres. - wikipedia.
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