13", Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel, SureTouch, G10 pins, #68
November 2023
Full face grind. Ample jimping crown the spine of this knife. SureTouch material creates an extremely comfortable handle and gives it a very perceptive tactile quality when dry or wet. It's big but does not feel unwieldy when in use.
First design in a series of embellishments for select knife designs.
"Join or Die, the first political cartoon published in an American newspaper, illustrates Benjamin Franklin's warning to the British colonies in America "join or die" and exhorting them to unite against common enemies. It shows a segmented snake, "S.C., N.C., V., M., P., N.J., N.Y., [and] N.E."
Paul Revere’s masthead design for the Massachusetts Spy newspaper, created for Isaiah Thomas.
Great article on the "Snake Cartoon".
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