8.75", Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel
Bocote, Brass pins, Siberian Mammoth molar inlay, #88

January 2024
This 8.75" long, every day carry iteration has a 4.5” full flat ground blade. Other notable features include: a rugged line of spine jimping and a large thong hole at the apex of the butt. The blade is very tall and makes this a small but formidable EDC. The bocote wood handle sports brass pins and is embellished with a honkin’ chunk of 80,000 year old Siberian mammoth molar. The custom handle (painstakingly handcrafted by yours truly) and overall design makes this (so far) my most superb looking knife. It feels excellent in the hand and is suitable for dressing small game, food prep and other general tasks.
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