10.5", AEB-L Stainless Steel
Chef: Giraffe bone Inlay, Wenge, Copper pins,#104 
Fillet: Giraffe bone Inlay, Richlite, Copper pins, #105

April 2024

A set of knives for myself for my FRUIT LAB.
 I teach Biology (21+ years) and on the last day of Lab we "talk fruit" and cut up fruit to make fruit salad. This tradition that began at Appalachian State University when I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Bond (James Bond) as my Botany Professor. He had us talk fruit and then make fruit salad. I told myself I would do the same if I ever taught BIO.

Full flat grind Chef set. Functional geometry. I kept the design clean and didn't try to reinvent the concept. Sometimes the classics are classic for a reason. Thin where they need to be and as sharp as a laser! 
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