7.5", AEB-L Stainless Steel
Afzelia Burl, brass pins and bright red G10 liner, #92
Blue Canyon Richlite, brass pins and white G10 liner, #93

February 2024
These two knives sport a very small muk derived design with a full flat ground blade. Other notable features include: a small line of spine jimping and a thong hole at the apex of the butt. The long and narrow handle allows a user to easily choke up for stability or choke down for a more flexible range of motion. These are good knives for skinning small game or bait cutting and other general tasks. These two pieces were started in late summer 2023 and were deemed imperfect for asymmetry of the grind. I brought them back out - doctored them up a bit and put handles on them so they would be useful. They turned out reasonably decent.
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