8.75", Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel
Ultrex Micarta, brass accents and G10 pins, #69

November 2023
This knife is my second stab at a small and versatile EDC (every day carry) design. It sports a 4” full flat ground blade with a double set of ample finger choils. Other notable features include: a small line of spine jimping and a thong hole at the apex of the butt. The ergonomics are such that it can rapidly and singlehandedly be held in standard configuration and switched to a gut or carve configuration in less than a second. It feels incredible in the hand and is an awesome knife for a variety of general tasks. It would make an excellent every day carry. It is currently the favorite knife that I have made. When assembling the segmented scales (handle), I mimicked the color scheme of a certain model of 4x4 truck that I liked as a child and which still makes me smile when I see one today. 
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