13.75" (9.25 cutting edge), Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel
SureTouch, G10 pins, Green G10 liner, #77

December 2023
Hollow grind. SureTouch material creates an extremely comfortable and grippy handle. It is so very grippy! This knife is big and has an ample heft and a very authoritative feel to it. [Yes...this knife can spin on your finger like a pistol, but we do not recommend this alternate use for legal and safety reasons.] The finger "hole" serves as a secondary stabilizing position for the index finger. I am quite proud of this design. It was the result of many hours of sketching and quite a few prototypes. I wanted a curvy spine with the point rising slightly. It has an exotic and vintage look but still retains a modern appearance. Think Star Trek's Khan and a Bowie knife had a baby. Yeah - that.
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